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Are you ready to be a leader in the dairy industry?
Are you prepared to talk about dairy farming and products to consumers and the media?
The Dairy Checkoff provides free online and in-person communication and leadership training
to all U.S. dairy farmers and dairy importers.

If you have the time, we can help you become a leader in the dairy industry.

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tips for creating video checkoff training

Tips And Tricks For Creating Great Video That Connects With Consumers


Anticipate. Prepare. Protect. – Understanding and Preparing for Animal Activism on your Dairy Farm

public relations dairy farmer

Connect With Your Community – Writing A Public Relations Plan For Your Dairy Farm

media interview

Control the Questions – Delivering Messages to the Media

Free Training For Dairy Farmers And
Dairy Industry Professionals

If you don't have the time to attend a dairy industry meeting, you can take our leadership and communication training for free. This website is provided by Your Dairy Checkoff - the national and sixteen state and regional dairy checkoff programs.

dairy farmer leader
Dairy Farmer Speaking At Consumer Event

If you are ready to become a leader in the dairy industry, you should sign up and take our the free leadership and communication training.

This online learning system is available 24/7 at no cost to dairy farmers and dairy industry professionals. It is constantly being updated with new materials.

Communication and leadership professionals have put together these courses to help you be more successful in your career.

What Dairy Farmers Have to Say

The training lit a fire in my belly for dairy advocacy.
Dairy Farmer
The federation's crisis training is the gold standard for all industries.
Homeland Security Staffer
Washington D.C.