Choosing A Farm Spokesperson

Communicating effectively with the general public is always a challenge. How do you explain in a few simple words the dairy community and the numerous steps involved in food production? Just as you do on your dairy farm, you can achieve your goals by picking the right person for the job.
Not everyone wants to be in front of the camera — somebody has to watch.

Are you the best spokesperson for your dairy farm? Or is someone else on your team more appropriate?

Think about who on your dairy farm has these attributes:

  • Is easy to get along with
  • Rarely loses their cool
  • Thinks well on their feet
  • Shines under pressure
  • Is very social
  • Is good at following up on the details
  • Is willing and has time to prepare for an interview
  • Has experience with public speaking

Does this describe you? Or maybe someone in your family that’s on the farm or a farm employee?